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Get an Overview

Explore and compare crowd investment opportunities of all leading platforms in one centralized overview. Crowd Explorer will guide you through the vast multiplicity of platforms and offeringsto support your investment decision with just one login - on your mobile device and via your browser.
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Minimize Risk

We will help you diversify your investment portfolio and minimize risk by giving you transparent comparison possibilities across a wide range of opportunities. The Crowd Explorer opportunity steam gives you access to all publicly available information about the given opportunity and lets you create a watchlist of projects to follow.
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Stay Informed

Configure and optimize your notifications so we can compile compact newsletters and push messages for you to stay up to date about your watchlist and new / upcoming opportunities that really interest you. We will give you access to any temporary special offerings of individual platforms so you don't miss out on great deals.

Why this is great?

We deliver value through simplification, transparency and by giving you full control of the information you wish to receive - compiled from all platforms. Knowledge is power - and staying up to date with all current investment opportunities is our promise to you.


Thanks to our Crowd Explorer, you can save valuable time exploring, comparing and evaluating alternative investment oppportunities.


Be able to compare financial conditions side by side across all relevant German platforms.


Crowd Explorer uses modern software design patterns to protect your data from unauthorised access.


Filter opportunities by your personal preferences and criteria and create a personal watchlist. This way you can keep an overview every time you come back to your account.


Crowd Explorer does not prefer opportunities of certain kind, but shows you the same relevant and accessible information of all participating platforms.


You can start using Crowd Explorer completely free of charge.

Don't miss a thing.

We will inform you about new releases and features of Crowd Explorer as well as provide helpful tips and know-how on alternative finance and investment strategies.

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